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“The majority believe that everything hard to comprehend must be very profound. This is incorrect. What is hard to understand is what is immature, unclear and often false. The highest wisdom is simple and passes through the brain directly to the heart”
Viktor Schauberger.

Here you you are promised a range of Insights, Intuitions, Investigations, Information, Revelations, Experiences and Opinions, primarily, though not exclusively . . .  in video format presented by some of the foremost researchers in their ‘alternative’ fields relating to both ancient and contemporary questions of Mind and Consciousness and the forces that are in play.

Presented from the perspective of a practitioner of Hypnosis and an advocate for Altered States of Consciousness, with particular focus on rapidly emerging, informed alternative scientific opinion.

These investigations, and the incredible range and depth of information they reveal has been inspired by my own intense curiosity, experience and continuing Wonder of the Trance State.

However, before you dive in you might want to allow 7.25 minutes of your precious time and consider this illuminating presentation on what, in many ways, this site is all about.

Thought Germs and how they Spread . . . .  
from the excellent GCP Grey.

Many QUESTIONS have been asked by clients and others over the years. These questions have had to do with . . . . . ,


. . . . as with every other field of knowledge in the Internet age conventional understanding is being Rigorously questioned as never before . . . . consequently many new and insightful discoveries are dramatically emerging, often from the most unexpected directions, much of it through the marriage of Modern Technology and Ancient Knowledge & Wisdom recently re-interpreted.

There is no particular ideology of belief system in play here, my efforts have been to follow the evidence, my intuition and experience, and to draw on the work of some of the foremost researchers Gaia has to offer from across the ages in an effort to gain an ever deeper insight into Consciousness / Mind or whatever name you choose to apply and are comfortable with.

Here there is something for EVERYONE, from the novice explorer to the more advanced  and unconventionally minded.  Please explore Aspects of an Entranced World.  Hypnosis is at work everywhere, never more so, questions of mind and consciousness has never been so important.

einstein_1Here . . ‘In The West’ questions of this nature have traditionally been realm of our Philosophers and Theologians, who have taken their own distinctive courses, however in the present day we have been taught to look to ‘Hard Science’ & Scientists for answers . . . the Mathematicians, Cosmologists and Physicists above all, and then the Chemists and Biologists and all the sub-divisions that lie below and beyond.  They have become the Gurus of the age of Technology, the 21st Century shamans, we seem to have been entranced by a modern day Priest class – what by some has been characterised as  “Technocracy” 

“the government or control of society or industry by an elite of technical experts”

 . . . . . . and its offspring – Scientocracy.

Scientocracy is the practice of basing public policies on Science.”

(For a great deal more detail on the doctrine Technocracy and its origins in the 1930’s and later adoption by Zbigniew Brzezinski and Nelson Rockefeller when forming the Trilateral Commission in 1973 and how it went on to become one of the key Global think tanks of the Technocracy movement –  click here where John B. Wells and Patrick Wood, an internationally acknowledged Economist and researcher brilliantly
lays it all out).

Throughout recent history we’ve been intoxicated and indoctrinated and failed to notice, despite the daily evidence of our own collective experience, that we’ve been led down a trail of good intentions, misdirection, deceit & flat out lies.  So who and what do we trust?

“Evidence” . . . “We Want Evidence” . . .   “We Want Proof”

Despite the evidence and even proof, quite incredibly, we tend not to be completely satisfied about just about any issue until a Scientist representing “The Standard Model” of Science – primarily by way of the less than rigorous and largely controlled and manipulated mainstream media – has pronounced on any given subject.

Issues surrounding the Mind, YOUR Mind, and Consciousness are subject to some very mixed views and opinions indeed, but light is shining through ever more brightly.

consciousness_1Consciousness, What it Is and How it Works, is and always has been one of the most contentious issues in the Great discussions of humanity.  There are, and always have been, many dramatically differing points of view and much venom and vitriol is exchanged in the ongoing debate. Fierce and unyielding attitudes prevail, they always have!

And yet when all is said and done, I think it is fair to say that nobody as yet has found the full and complete answer to what is commonly referred to as “The Hard Question” – However there is truly amazing research going on around the World, and many ‘Alternative’ scientists and researchers now claim, with some confidence, that insights and revelations now emerging tick many of the “Reality” boxes and as a result a paradigm shift is already underway and accelerating in all directions.

Legend_4Over the years this awareness and intense curiosity has led me to discoveries from  the most illuminating realms of Psychology, Para-psychology, Physics, Quantum Physics, Genetics, Recent Planetary History, Epigenetics, Neuro-science, Cosmology, Entheogens,  Ancient Human Origins, Geo-politics, Exopolitics and inevitably into the fundamental questions of what it is to be Human and our relationship with the our most beautiful Jewel of a Home, Earth and the  wider Solar System, The Milky Way, and the Universe, or even Multiverse beyond!  For we are an inextricable part of it with access to pretty much All of it.  We are a small yet inextricable part of it all, we are energy . . . .  organised can connected.

The Information presented here is not offered as a comprehensive, scholarly or scientific study, but as a selection of insights, research and evidence  for anyone trying to make some sense of these deeply intriguing issues and gain a deeper and broader insight into Aspects of Mind.

your_mind-1Others with a more traditional mindset may also find a great deal here that offers pause for thought and deeper pondering . . . please be skeptical though I strongly suggest a Wide Open Mind.

In order to provide a fair insight much of the information presented is in documentary form, some in the form of seminars, lectures and even extended training events, and may need a genuine sense of inquiry, enthusiasm and determination, there are also bite size nuggets of insight to be savored.

On initial viewing some of the content may be challenging to the uninitiated . . . even outrageous . . . however great care has been taken to present work that was maybe once considered Alternative and Way out their in Woo Woo Land but is now being increasingly acknowledged and in many cases fully accepted as the best understanding we currently have of Mind & Consciousness, it’s beginnings, it’s history and its Scope, we’re catching up.

Very importantly (from my local point of view) much of the emerging wisdom is broadly in line with my own personal experience and that of many of my clients, family, friends and acquaintances.


My hope is that for those who take time to investigate this important information and insight into their make up, culture, history and environment will prove to be time very well spent and to their great personal and spiritual advantage.

At the very least it can be a fascinating journey, however as with any journey with a conscious being at the center of it, intent on exploring its makeup and place, you cannot help but learn something.

“If you put yourself in a position where you have to stretch outside your comfort zone, then you are forced to expand your consciousness.”
– Les Brown


"It's not what you think . . . . "