Altered States

Altered States of Consciousness

Altered States of Consciousness , induced in a myriad of ways, have been fundamental to our being from the time we realised we were a being.

The earliest civilisations recorded their experiences in rock art all over the World.  Shamans have been with us throughout all of Human history.  In the following video Graham Hancock, celebrated author and researcher, presents his view on the phenomena.

As an exponent of hypnosis, an acknowledged method of accessing profoundly altered states of consciousness, I still experience wonder at the capabilities that these states endow on the person experiencing them.

In Tom Cambells work he describes Consciousness as the founding state of the Universe, the All that there is, and at this level it is in essence . . . .  information . . . . data.  Well in my humble opinion Altered States of Consciousness allows full access to that data.

altered-states_1These states allow for healing, physical development, psychological healing, emotional and spiritual healing, personal exploration, enhanced creativity, accelerated learning and much more.

There are many ways to deliberately and intentionally alter your state of consciousness that can lead to astonishing results.  Details of these methods and techniques are provided on other pages on this site.

I would strongly encourage anyone to put aside the fears and concerns the media have developed in relation to these mystical states that have played such a huge part in human development and to enthusiastically begin to explore your own innate abilities using whatever method is most appealing.  You will not regret it.  Hypnosis is a good place to start.




"It's not what you think . . . . "