To live in the world without becoming aware of the meaning of the world is like wandering about in a great library without touching the books.
― Manly P. Hall, philosopher, writer and 33rd degree Mason.

“Multiplicity is only apparent, in truth, there is only one mind…”
Erwin Schrödinger – Nobel Prize winner – Physics -1933.

Edwin Schrodinger


Nothing in the whole of Western science gets teeth gnashing and spit flying as the notion of Consciousness, What it is, How it works and consequently how to best explore and utilise it.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that much of the information we’ve been taught in our Schools, Colleges and Universities over the last several decades, particularly in the sciences, has in many instances now been shown to be at the least seriously flawed and incomplete, and in many cases flat out wrong.

Certainly what I was given to believe about myself, my make-up and Being through my education falls way short of the full picture and way short of the truth as I now understand it.

Since qualifying as a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner in 1992, as you might expect, I have maintained an intense curiosity about the human mind and the nature of consciousness and its interaction with the so called body/mind/spirit system and the wider environment.

My interest was, and remains, fueled by altered states of consciousness both in myself and others and the tremendous benefits these states, when effectively utilised, bring into our lives.

This passionate interest has lead me to explore many different models of consciousness in an effort to develop some understanding of just what it was I was dealing with in my work.  Also, many of the people I work with are intensely curious about the profound and often life changing experiences they have and often want explanations.

This is particularly true of some of the more “unusual” phenomena, or “anomalous cognitions” that can occur in non-ordinary states of mind, these can include:

Past Lives
Remote Viewing
Intuitive Knowing
Accelerated Healing
Out of Body Experiences

In addition, people often describe their experiences as having a distinct mystical quality, often displaying one or more of the following characteristics:

A sense of Sacredness
A sense of Timelessness
A sense of Unity or Totality
A sense of having encountered Ultimate Reality
A sense that one cannot adequately describe the
Richness of the Experience

The common, defining quality of these experiences is that they are generated from, and are expressions of, the unconscious mind – an Aspect of consciousness. This of course raises the all-important questions: What is the Unconscious mind and what is Consciousness?
In trying to answer these and many other questions for myself I have been astonished at many of the things I have discovered. The model of consciousness that is emerging in the 21st century is nothing short of paradigm changing and the implications for humanity are enormous and deeply profound.

Does Consciousness Exist at all?

In the Western World, the so called developed and industrialised world, there is still a very real debate as to whether consciousness exists at all!  Many members of the scientific/medical community still cling to the view that consciousness is nothing more than an epiphenomenon, a side effect, of the brains bio-chemical activity and many of the explanations given of consciousness, and the very serious consequences that roll out, reflect this belief.

As a result of this underlying belief system here in the West, the vast majority of us grow up within a cultural and scientific view that:

  • Consciousness, if it exists at all, exists in our Head and more particularly within our Brain.
  • That we are beings locked into Time and Space.
  • That we have no interaction with the world other than through our five physicals senses.
  • That when we die our Consciousness dies along with our Physical Body.

This world view has not only informed the development of our medical and psychiatric services but also our cultural setting and how we relate to each other both individually and as groups, communities and populations.

This paradigm can now be understood as the 20th century view of consciousness and reality. We now need to move on to a 21st century understanding based on emerging scientific understanding informed by knowledge and wisdom built up all over the World throughout the ages.

buddhaIn the East, there are a number of explanations offered by the ancient spiritual and mystical traditions and the models of mind and consciousness they present, Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism to name just three.

While these models are of great value practically, spiritually and philosophically, and provide potential answers to many of the questions people seek answers to, they often require an in-depth knowledge of that particular faith or tradition, a knowledge that the majority of people brought up within the Western mechanistic, materialist tradition simply do not have.

This situation has led to many highly effective so called “alternative” therapies, often being branded as Eastern esoteric mumbo-jumbo and discounted by the medical and psychiatric professions and consequently the general public, however thanks to the Internet this situation is now changing very quickly indeed.

Through the work of many of the worlds most celebrated scientists and consciousness researchers, a model of mind and consciousness is now emerging that can begin account for and explain many of the most controversial and misunderstood aspects of what it is to be human. The picture is far from complete but has a real sense of authenticity and a great deal of experimental data to back it up.

If the new scientific understanding is true, and all of the accumulating scientific data suggests that this is indeed the case, the psychic and mystical experience can be seen as natural consequences of the reality it describes, and in fact a defining aspect of what it is to be human.

Here is Graham Hancock, best selling author and pre-eminent researcher presenting some of his own particular views on consciousness, how it may of emerged and the current war that is taking place to prevent individuals exploring their own personal consciousness . . .

One of the most wonderful aspects of the many revelations now emerging is that they are not presented as an alternative or a challenge to any of the existing Eastern models, more as an adjunct that can happily coexist and underpin the esoteric and mystical explanations that many millions of people believe in and take comfort from.

The ideas of frontier Science are redefining our whole understanding of Consciousness, the Universe and mankind’s place within it.  Also, and as importantly, we are now being provided with a new form of language, a vocabulary with which to discuss these experiences that doesn’t have the mystical and spiritual connotations that so many people are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with, although as with any other language, it will take some time to learn but invariably, the benefits will be well worth the effort.

As this knowledge merges into the mainstream it will have profound implications for every aspect of our being and the communities in which we live.

This website is a small contribution to getting the message out there, providing and developing methods and techniques that embrace this emerging and hugely important understanding of ourselves and our reality.

These so called alternative beliefs, hypotheses and theories are now being made increasingly available, and in fact are deliberately being placed into the Public domain by accredited scientists and researchers who in previous times would have been kept deep in the margins by forces that wished to direct and control the public’s perceptions of reality.

By way of an introduction and a very interesting dogma at work can be found in the field of Memory and Mind, two fundamental elements of Consciousness.

Most folks when asked “Where are your memories stored?” will often give you one of those ‘what? . . . are you stupid?’ looks, and reply along the lines of “Well, they’re in my head / brain . . . aren’t they?”

Not according to the evidence they’re not.

Rather than trotting out my own brand of wisdom on this most fascinating subject area, allow me to introduce Cambridge Biologist Rupert Sheldrake PhD presenting an excerpt from a presentation of the subject matter of his recent best selling book, The Science Delusion.

Further detailed information is provided throughout the rest of the site. Please explore and make up your own mind.

"It's not what you think . . . . "