“For me, it is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.”
– Karl Sagan

During the course of working with clients it is often the case that original traumatic memories relating to their presenting condition are completely suppressed or so distant that only faded glimpses are available. These memories on occasion can include events that occurred in past lives that were so important they continue to have an impact, sometimes over many life times.

Retrieval of these memories can be very important, or even critical to the resolution of the condition and enable healing to take place.

As with an individual so with entire cultures and populations.

“As Above, so Below.”
– Hermes Trismegistus

cultural-memoryCultural memories are those trans-formative historical experiences that can define cultures and even Humanity as a whole. These experiences are stored deep within the collective consciousness and none are more important than the creation ‘myths’ that have been passed down through the generations by every significant culture on Earth.

big-bangIn the West our cosmology is currently based on the so called Big Bang theory. This ‘theory’ was very succinctly summed up by the wonderful Terry Pratchett.

“In the beginning there was nothing, which then exploded.”

I’ve always had problems with the Big Bang, well as soon as I grasped what the scientists were trying to convince me of. They had been trying to persuade me that approximately 13.8 billion years ago an ‘infinitely’ small, and ‘infinitely’ dense ‘singularity’ exploded and gave birth to everything we see in the Universe today, all the one hundred billion galaxies in the observable universe and the estimated sextillion (1021) stars, and not forgetting the planets that orbit them! All from nothing!

“This Big Bang idea seemed to me to be unsatisfactory even before detailed examination showed that it leads to serious difficulties.”
– Sir Fred Hoyle

Then evolutionary forces, over billions of years, would eventually lead to me here, sat at my desk typing this, and you, who ever you are, reading it! Science could explain the details, or as Terrence McKenna once put it;

“Give us one free miracle and we’ll explain the rest”

Like many I was suckered in. The related documentaries and movies became more and more compelling in the way they cast their hypnotic spells and as the technology developed the graphics became increasingly seductive and beguiling. Then as time went on the media, documentary film makers, and Hollywood delighted in bombarding us with ever more complex descriptions and explanations of the formation of the Universe and the Big Bang that by now, according to the now well established dogma, had obviously started the whole thing off.

Based on work carried out by Newton and Galileo hundreds of years ago and further developed by Einstein, Sagan, and Hawking among many others. Along came Inflation theory, then String theory with its 10 – 13 dimensions (at the last count), then Black Holes and Dark Matter and then Dark Energy!

String Theory - A Scientific Theory that nobody understands!
String Theory – A Scientific Theory that nobody understands!

So I tried even harder to grasp these labyrinthine concepts and finally concluded, after years of research, frustration. confusion and consideration that the Standard Model of Cosmology and Astrophysics, though containing a great deal of incredible work, was broadly nonsense, much of it based on a great many tenuous assumptions and very questionable mathematics. Einstein himself didn’t accept much of it.

However what had become The Standard Model took hold and has remained the dominant model of our Western Cosmology to this day, despite all its glaring flaws and irregularities.

Mainstream academia not only refuses to accept any deviation from the standard model, it often viciously attacks and refuses tenure to any scientist that dares to contradict it, despite the rapidly accumulating mountains of evidence emerging by definition from ‘alternative’ fields of research and enquiry.

amnesiaA graphic example of this appalling and entirely unscientific behaviour can be seen in the intriguing story of Immanuel Velikovsky.

In the 1950’s and over the next several decades Velikovsky, a Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst by training, through his brilliance and industry, went on to become a globally respected figure in academic circles becoming a close friend of Albert Einstein among many others.

Emanating from his studies into Psychoanalysis and the deeper reaches of the psyche Velikovsky took on a study of Global myths and traditions. Already a respected biblical scholar, Velikovsky had developed a very effective forensic approach to ancient stories perfectly suited to enable him to delve deeply into the Cosmologies and Histories of Ancient cultures from all around the World and look again as the accounts they provided of the Cosmic events they graphically described in the records. Using this forensic approach to his research Velikovsky discovered many common experiences, recorded Globally by the Ancients, of catastrophic events taking place in the Heavens above them and the effects they had on the Earth. And the common story, told all over the World, was that of the Planets and their role in creation. The story was recounted from the particular cultural and geographical perspective of the people who observed and survived them and over time became the story of “the Gods” in the Heavens.

Velikovsky went on to develop his own Cosmological theory and published his findings and startling hypothesis in his best selling book Worlds in Collision.

Here is Australian archeologist Peter Mungo Japp and Physicist Wal Thornhill from the Thunderbolts Project describing the impact Velikovskys work had and the controversy it inspired that goes on to this day.

Despite the howls of outrage Velikovskys work inevitably receives, as time has moved on more and more evidence has emerged clearly showing that Velikovsky had actually shown extraordinary insight. His ideas and theories inspired a new generation of researchers that have got on and made made incredible discoveries in describing what has become known as the Electric Universe.

For more detailed account of the response to his work and how it is seeing a strong re-resurgence in the light of modern day research that is rocking the Standard Model to its foundations – click here.


"It's not what you think . . . . "