petriBiologist Bruce Lipton, in his excellent presentations, often talks about when he was first involved in cloning stem cells over thirty years ago. He quickly noticed that genetically identical cells developed very differently depending on their environment . . . the culture they were grown in!

For example, one cell would develop as a heart cell, change the environment, change the culture, and it would develop as a bone cell, or a hair cell, or a liver cell . . . you get the idea. It was the environment and the cells connection to it that conditioned its final form and purpose.

As with cells, so with the collection of 50 trillion or so cells we define as a Human Being . . . . our environment is critical to our emotional, psychological and physical development.

Environmental concerns have become one of the most hotly debated subject area in the World, and for very good reason.

My research into this area began with some serious concerns, then as I began digging deeper and deeper, I began to become increasingly suspicious about what was going on in a number of very important areas of our environment.

fearOne particular area of concern is what has  become become known as the Fear Agenda.  A planned and deliberate ongoing effort to create a background level of fear and anxiety in global populations.  Further details can be found on the Fear Agenda page.

Another area that became increasingly troubling the deeper I went was Microwave radiation.  I strongly urge anyone making regular use of mobile phones or is living or working in a WiFi environment to become aware of the very disturbing aspects of this technology.  For further details go to the Microwave page.



"It's not what you think . . . . "