What is Consciousness?

The currently emerging model of consciousness in the West is now happily in broad agreement with the descriptions that you may be familiar with from the Eastern esoteric faiths and traditions, Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism to name a few, we’re catching up!

It is now increasingly being accepted that the fundamental quality of the Universe IS Consciousness, the All that there is, the Ground State, the Alpha and the Omega . . . . . here in the West the preferred Scientific model is to describe consciousness simply as Information . . . Data . . . . carried by electro magnetic energies that make up the known Universe . . . . Consciousness is a data field . . . . and we are inextricably a part of it . . . . . with access to ALL of it . . . . with a little bit of practice.  (see Tom Campbells work for example)

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis, or Self-hypnosis, for in truth all hypnosis is Self-hypnosis, I believe began around the time when Humans took control over fire . . . and they became drawn into the flames of camp fires and candles . . . and began to imagine . . . . .

In our musings in this area we often fail to take into account that the vast majority of time modern Humans have spent on this planet, the hours of darkness were spent in front of a fires and light came by way of lamps and candles . . . a very easy environment in which to drift away. Add to this the ingestion of herbs and fungi that early hominids had access to and you have a powerful recipe for exploration of the inner realms. It was around this time that the emergence of art and culture first began. For further details click here.

In that light, and many years research and enquiry, and based on my experience to date, the answer to this question has changed significantly since I began to work as a hypnotherapist.
Simply . . . I now believe hypnosis is an entirely naturally occurring altered State of Awareness within Consciousness that allows an individual to effectively increase their ‘bandwidth’ in order to access sensory information relating to themselves, others and their environment stored in what has been known as the Akashic Record and has now become known as the Zero Point Field, or simply, The Field.

This information can relate to past, present and future events, or indeed just about anything.

Different States of Awareness within Consciousness allows for a full range of innate healing systems to be engaged in order to bring about healing and equilibrium to a wide range of physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual conditions.

bhudhaIt is also used very effectively used for other aspects of personal exploration and development. When in this state a great deal is possible, however you get there. There are many ways to be explored.


What is Being in Hypnosis Like?

When entering into a trance state people commonly allow their ‘normal’ everyday mode of being to be put to one side to allow for Awareness of more deeply held memories, values and beliefs to be focused upon.
People in trance are paying more attention to what’s going on within their higher, unconscious environment rather than their immediate, surroundings. In this sense people drift in and out of mildly hypnotic states all the time . . . . staring into a flickering flame . . . . when playing a video game to the point of becoming oblivious to your surroundings . . . . when you read a good book and become engrossed in the story to the exclusion of all around you . . . . when you sit on a train or in a car and look out of the window and drift into thoughts about events in your past, present or future, these are all examples of the kind of trance states utilised in hypnotherapy.

Can Anyone Be Hypnotised?

Yes, I know some say they can’t, but they can, if they want to be.

Is Hypnotherapy safe?

Yes. Not only is the hypnotic state natural and very safe, the vast majority of people who experience it find it to be an extremely relaxing, deeply pleasurable and profoundly intriguing experience.

Can I get stuck in trance?

No. This is in essence is the same as asking ‘can I get stuck in a daydream.’ As soon as you feel the need to re-engage with everyday reality you can immediately do so.

Will I lose control?

No. Throughout the whole process a part of you remains aware, in control and able to maintain the ability to withdraw from the trance state at any stage. In essence all hypnosis is self hypnosis, you’re only hypnotised to the extent you allow yourself to be.

Will I be aware of what’s happening?

Yes. For the most part you will be aware of what is happening, you may however find that your attention can drift, much like in a daydream when you may be engaged in a conversation but find your mind drifting to a pleasant memory or take off on a flight of imagination, and that’s fine. (Many people become accomplished at this feat during their school years)!

Can I be made do something against my will?

No. This is a fallacy conjured up by Hollywood & the Media. Hypnotherapy is about empowering you to be more aware and in control of yourself and your internal state so you can do what you want and need to do in any given situation towards a clearly defined outcome. At no point during the course of therapy are you ever “controlled.”

What’s your background and your training in Hypnotherapy?

My first hypnotherapy training was a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy with British Hypnosis Research at St Annes Hospital in London in 1992. I attended various seminars and training events and have gone on to gain nearly 20 years experience of hypnosis and its many and varied applications, alongside the extensive research and study I’ve carried out.




"It's not what you think . . . . "