Genetic Manipulation

“Your genetics load the gun. Your lifestyle pulls the trigger”
– Mehmet Oz

gen_engineeringOf all the intriguing avenues of knowledge my research has led me down, this is one of the most curious and interesting and with a massive 21st Century twist in the tail with huge potential implications!

Like many other people, when I first encountered this information it seemed too incredible to be true, but it was such a fantastic story I kept digging, and the deeper I dug the more intriguing and compelling it became. So here’s the story in brief for those who are unaware of it.

Sir Austin Henry Laird
Sir Austin Henry Laird

In 1851, Sir Austin Henry Laird, an eminent English explorer and archeologist, in true Indiana Jones style, uncovered a vast collection of clay tablets in Niniveh, the ancient capital of the Neo-Assyrian Empire, (modern day Iran, Iraq & Egypt) originating from the 7th century BC, some of the oldest known written records ever discovered. This was part of the famed Library of Ashurbanipal.

King Ashurbanipal, whom the library was named in honour of was an Assyrian King who ruled between 668 – 627 BC. His reign was characterised by his enthusiastically amassing a huge collection of cuneiform documents for his royal library.

clay-tabletTo cut a very long story very short, over many years the tablets were translated and interpreted by a number of scholars, most famously by Zecharia Sitchin who made it his life’s work. He wrote over 12 books based on his investigations, the first being book one of The Earth Chronicles series “The 12th Planet” in which Sitchins reveals the contents of the tablets and existence of a 12th Planet, Nibiru and it’s inhabitants, the Annunaki.

Here is Michael Tellinger, a rigorous investigator and writer, presenting an outline of the Annunaki and their activities.

This is a huge body of work and not without its critics and debunkers as any work of this nature will inevitably attract. However, what makes Sitchins work particularly interesting, over and above its own undoubted merits, is some of the research that has spun off it. Here is a video of Zecharia Sitchins presenting some of his research. For further detailed information go to Sitchins website.

David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, Lloyd Pye and Gerald Clark are some of the ‘alternative’ cultures more notable researchers that have voiced similar ideas, and indeed have gone even further. Scientists at Universities all over the world have picked up on Sitchins work and their research continues. Searches on Google Scholar can unearth some very detailed, scholarly work.

In a fascinating twist modern day researchers have looked into Sitchins claims.

William Brown is one of a new breed of Geneticists who’ve been prepared to look into these areas with fresh eyes and a full grasp of new technology and what he and others are uncovering gives strong support to the view that Homo Sapiens were genetically engineered with an inbuilt ‘limiter’ intentionally designed into our systems.

William Brown can explain how this may have been achieved. (The video picture ‘normalises’ at 3.57)

Michael Tellinger is another excellent advocate of someone using Sitchins work as a basis for his own research, primarily in Southern Africa, into ancient gold mining and the importance of sound harmonics in those processes.

If nothing else further research into this fascinating area of our ancient history will reveal many very eminent and deeply interesting researchers and the often incredible paths they are following.

"It's not what you think . . . . "