“In forty years, ‘biological’ psychiatry has yet to validate a single psychiatric condition or diagnosis as an abnormality / disease, or as anything ‘neurological’ ‘biological’ ‘chemically imbalanced’ or ‘genetic'”
Dr Fred Baughman Jr., Child Neurologist & Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology.

When practicing hypnosis, or just generally getting on with life, there is something that very quickly becomes crystal clear . . . belief is everything. As and when people fully accept something into their belief system as being true they change, quite literally . . . . psychologically, physically and spiritually . . . . and they can change dramatically!

When it comes to the physical body and the wonderful world of Genetics this has never been more true.

genes_1Over time I’ve encountered numerous clients, friends and acquaintances that to some level are in the Genetic Anxiety Trap. In common with huge numbers of people they’ve come to believe they are potentially at risk of a particular condition or disease because a family member or members will have “passed on the genes” This is then compounded by the increasingly held cultural belief that Genes control biology.

For example, one of my clients had developed a very high level of anxiety due to her father having suffered with Alzheimer’s for several years prior to his passing away following a slow and distressing decline. She was extremely concerned that as a result of her genetic inheritance she too would develop the condition, as would her children.

Many other people suffer similar anxieties relating to a range of conditions including cancer, liver disease, stroke, diabetes, mental illness associated with degenerative brain conditions to name but a few.

For years the media has bombarded the public with stories about Genes being responsible for just about everything, from every possible disease and condition to emotions – yes – emotions. You may recall the much publicised search for the happiness gene!!
In my humble opinion the vast majority of this understanding is frankly nonsense driven by commercial imperatives and even deeper and darker agendas.

The science of Epigenetics is now clearly demonstrating that genes DO NOT control Biology, that conditions experienced in families and often put down to genetic inheritance are much more likely to develop as a function primarily of culture & environment and the consequential impact on their belief systems.

This double tragedy of the prevailing situation is that truly held beliefs can have physical manifestations even if what the belief is based upon is false. So if you truly believe you are going to contract Cancer or Alzheimer’s, even if there is no Genetic imperative, the chances that you will develop these conditions are greatly enhanced. This is what Walter Kennedy in 1961 called the “nocebo effect” from the Latin, “I shall harm” as opposed to the “placebo effect” I shall please.

The video below is a presentation given by highly acclaimed Biologist, Dr Bruce Lipton given to IONS, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, in July 2013 in which he clearly explains how Genes actually work and what we should consider in the process of forming our beliefs.

IONS was founded in 1973 by Astronaut Edgar Mitchell to conduct research into Consciousness & Human Potential. It has become one of the Worlds leading research Institutes and is highly recommended for anyone wishing to delve more deeply into a wide range of issues relating to Consciousness and the Human Condition.

"It's not what you think . . . . "