microwaves_2At the risk of being something of a killjoy here there are some things that simply can’t be ignored.

For someone interested in the mind / consciousness I have an interest in anything that may have an impact. This topic certainly qualifies.

Over the last 15 years or so, people all over the World have fallen in love with their Mobile phones and WiFi / Microwave technology in all its manifestations. While this technology has brought untold benefits to billions of people a very disturbing aspect to this technology is now becoming increasingly clear.

mobilesEarly microwave technologies were developed by the military in Germany during the second World War. Then under Operation Paperclip may of the Scientists involved in the field were transported to the USA and the UK to continue their work. Dr Barrie Trower, and acknowledged World expert in this technology takes up the story in the following video.

microwavesAs this technology moved increasingly into civilian use through radio and television and then exploded over recent years through the mass take-up of mobile phones and a huge and increasing range of WiFi devices the infrastructure required to operate them, Humanity and many of the animals we share this Planet with, are now constantly immersed in an invisible ocean of microwave radiation. This situation is about to become even worse with the proposed installation of “Smart meters” in every home and business. These meters use very high levels of pulsed microwaves and are of great concern to people who understand the threat

The following documentary takes a close look at this situation and the potential consequences that arise from it.

In the following clip from Infowars.com Lee Ann McAdoo interviews Dr David Carpenter, Director of the Institute for Health & Environment from the University at Albany about the current situation.

Further information can be found about these issues at The International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies (ICAACT). Click here

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