Military Programmes

“We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.”
–  Dwight D. Eisenhower

The Permanent War State

Traditionally the place to go to find out what is happening at the cutting edge of research and understanding in the Sciences, Engineering and Psychology has been the hallowed halls of Academia, the august Universities and Internationally recognised Research Institutions were the centres of excellence, where the best of the best, with access to the latest technology, did their work, made their discoveries and pronounced to the World.

This historical situation has now changed, this is now the realm of the Military, the secret services and the Global Corporations they are so intricately entwined with – they pay better.

Closely supported by a huge Global industry of ‘private contractors, this shift has been underway for decades, even centuries, and has now been achieved and reached a size of staggering proportions. This global entity or mega-Corporations is nowadays often referred to as “The Military Industrial Complex”


Here is a clip of President Dwight D Eisenhower, a 5 Star General and a hero of the 2nd World War, in his farewell address to America and the wider World in 1961.

Of all the things Eisenhower could have chosen to talk about at the end of his Illustrious Military and Political career, he chose to warn the people of the World about the emergence of “The Military Industrial Complex.”

The Military & Psychology

Despite what Neuro-science had to say about the non-existence of the mind, the Military had always operated on the assumption that minds existed and strange things happen. Their reasoning from there was if minds exist they can be influenced and developed, controlled and manipulated – militarised for purposes of offense, defence and intelligence gathering.

The dramatic rise of the Military Industrial Complex saw the unleashing of unprecedented levels of funding for exotic programmes in all areas of interest, many of which were carried out in Top Secret locations and shrouded under the all encompassing veil of ‘national security’ The most infamous of these programmes was known as MK Ultra.

MK Ultra has moved on.

In the following extended presentation from the Open Mind Conference in 2012 – Lars Drudgaard who has a background in electronic development engineering and sound engineering and is the European Regional Director for  ICAACT was setup to obtain evidence of Serious Human Rights abuses for Victims of Electronic Terrorism worldwide.

The presentation begins with the infamous MK ULTRA series of programs, their scope and capabilities.  It will provide some insight into these programmes and how they have continued to develop into the 21st century.

Lars Drudgaard will discuss details regarding the modern day research in areas of Neuroscience, RFID-Implants, BCI’s, Remote Interrogation, and Behavior Modification.

"It's not what you think . . . . "