“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”
– Krishnamurti

Ritalin_1If you display any of the entirely natural abilities discussed elsewhere on this site, ie, any form of psychic ability – if you mention it to a Doctor or ‘health worker’ this is where you might end up.

If one of your children or grandchildren, brothers or sisters have high levels of energy and creativity while at the same time have an aversion to the current jump through the hoop model of education and training – this is where they may well end up.

prozacIf for one of a huge list of reasons – brought together under the general heading of Life – you may be caused to feel sad or upset, stuck in a rut or challenged by a relationship, work situation or financial stress – this is where you may well end up.

I would strongly urge anyone being encouraged by their doctor, family member or well meaning friends to begin taking, or continue taking anti-depressants or other SSRI’s (Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors) to look into this area very carefully and with your eyes wide open. Click here for a good place to start.

Please take note: If you are currently taking this form of medication and wish to discontinue its use, only do so under fully informed expert advice from sources you most trust.


“While there has been no shortage of alleged biochemical explanations for psychiatric conditions . . . not one has been proven, quite the contrary. In every instance where such an imbalance was thought to have been found, it was later proven false.”
– Dr Joseph Glenmullen, Harvard Medical School Psychiatrist.

Here is an excellent, detailed and shocking breakdown of the explosion in the use of pharmaceuticals throughout the world and particularly in the West and the grave consequences of this staggering growth. While in part it focus’s on the US situation , the principles and conditions are the same Worldwide. A must watch providing a clearly defined, expert overview of the prevailing situation in the treatment of a wide range of ‘mental illness’s.’

Unfortunately there is an even more dark and disturbing history to this form of medication emerging. Many graphic examples can be sited that link the use of SSRI anti-depressants to violent and psychotic behaviours – see pack inserts for warnings – “mood or behavior changes”!


Here is Stefan Molyneux once again, the host of Free Domain Radio, the largest Philosophy website on the Internet directly linking this deeply unfortunate trend to the tragic incident of Andreas Lubitz and the GermanWings Flight 9525 Crash in March 2015.

The following video presented by the excellent and widely respected James Corbett of the who looks into the history of SSRI’s and their links to many of the recent mass shootings in the US and elsewhere. Almost without exception all of these men who went on the rampage killing and injuring many innocent people were being medicated with SSRI’s!

There is no doubt that a great many people benefit from products developed and sold by Multi-National Pharmaceutical Corporations, ‘Big Pharma’.   However there is incontrovertible evidence that many of their products are causing wide-spread harm and huge numbers of unnecessary deaths.

Anyone taking any form of medication is well advised to thoroughly educate themselves on the specific drug or cocktail of drugs being prescribed. Many of these pharmaceuticals can be found on the US website  A great deal of other product specific information can be found online.

If this is to be your path then the takeaway message is Proceed with Extreme Caution and the very best of luck.

"It's not what you think . . . . "