The Electric Universe

“a law is but a deduction from experience and experiment, and therefore laws must conform with historical facts, not facts with law.”
― Immanuel Velikovsky, author of Worlds in Collision

velikovskyImmanuel Velikovsky (1895 – 1979) a Russian born Doctor, Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst and close friend and colleague of Albert Einstein, in the 1950’s and 60’s became a famous, internationally acknowledged  scholar in his own right and  one of the most controversial figures of  20th Century Science.  He had the effrontery to challenge the status quo.

Velikovsky spent many years working on a theory that the Earth, in its relatively recent history, along with the other Planets, particularly Jupiter Mars and Venus, had undergone cataclysmic change as a result of planetary movements resulting in massive electrical discharges occurring between the erratically moving planets as they came into close proximity with each other,  in what was then a rapidly evolving Solar System.

He goes further and proposes that these events occurred in humanities  relatively recent past and indeed were witnessed by humans populating the Earth at the time who recorded their experiences in the petroglyphs, rock carvings, Megalithic structures and architecture that we see all over the planet.


He believed the resulting cataclysms had left a deep scar in the collective consciousness of humanity and until this fundamental trauma was recognised and healed mankind would remain on an irrevocable path or confusion towards destruction and eventual self annihilation!

He further believed that in order to heal this trauma mankind had to understand and confront its true history and the catastrophic events that lie at its foundations.

He regularly discussed his ideas with close friend and colleague Albert Einstein and became so inspired by the concept he made it his life’s work to investigate the Standard Model of cosmology and astrophysics and found it to be seriously misguided and in many cases simply wrong, and said so.

Worlds-in-collisionHis extensive research culminated in his publication in 1951 of what became his internationally best selling book “Worlds in Collision”

The book ranged across all of the Sciences and Humanities, describing calamitous events recorded in great detail in the Cosmologies of all the ancient cultures throughout the World . .  . All of them.

The public loved it and Velikovsky was often rapturously received at the numerous speaking events he attended around the World to promote the ideas contained in his book.

However . . . .  Academia hated it and saw it as a direct challenge to their Standard Model of Cosmology . . . . of a Solar System and Universe slowly evolving over millions and billions of years rather that the Chaotic Model Velikovsky proposed.  Mainstream science quickly mounted a vicious campaign of derision and ridicule which continues to the present day despite the increasing body of evidence that clearly supports many of Velikovskys’ original ideas .  Here is a 1972 BBC 2 Horizon presentation looking into Velikovsky the man, and his monumental work.

david-talbotThen in the 1970’s along came a young American researcher named David Talbott. Talbott had encountered Velikovskys work and had been so inspired by it he began his own extensive investigations.

Here is David Talbott in a clip from a Documentary entitled Remembering the End of the World by Ben Ged Low describing the inspiration for what was to become his own lives work.

wallace-thornhill_1Following the publication of numerous papers and books related to comparative mythology Talbott met with Wallace Thornhill, an Australian physicist and electrical engineer who shared a common interest in Velekovskys work. The rest as they say is history – The Thunderbolts Project was to emerge out of this meeting.

petroglyph_1The Thunderbolts Project is grounded in the principles of the Electric Universe. A whole new Cosmology for the 21st Century inspired and contributed to by such notable figures of Science as Halton Arp, Ralph Jurgen and Kristian Birkeland that provides a relatively simple model of understanding that to quote Einstein;

“you should be able to explain it to the barmaid”

The following presentations provide an excellent introduction to the Electric Universe model – what it is –  how it works – how it can be clearly demonstrated in a laboratory without the need for increasingly convoluted and bizarre theories to support it.

A comprehensive, all inclusive theory that provides a framework of understanding that can happily co-exist and illuminate other Cosmologies from around the World.  It also provides for a connection to, and a model for consciousness itself.

Please enjoy.

In the following presentation David Talbott wonderfully describes how ancient cultures and civilisations from all over the Earth witnessed events in the sky above them and were so in awe they recorded their experiences in their petroglyphs and architecture and how these records can be clearly interpreted in the light of modern plasma science and the Electric Universe model.

In the following video Wallace Thornhill, physicist and one of the founders of the Thunderbolts Project discusses his work with Jimmy Church of Fade to Black, a fascinating and revealing conversation, highly recommended listening.

"It's not what you think . . . . "