The Media

“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind”
– Jim Morrison

To kick things off, here is an excellent overview as of June 6th 2015, brilliantly and succinctly described by Michel Chossudovsky, Professor of Economics at University of Ottowa . . . . his views on the current global situation and the point and purpose of  the mainstream media with its rigorously managed propaganda spewing out in unprecedented quantities through ever more powerful mechanisms.  But there’s hope.

The whole point and purpose of the modern MASS media is to place cultures, faiths and entire populations into an Hypnotic Trance state.

As I am well aware, once a trance state is established ALL things become possible. ALL things to the point of creating an all encompassing perception of reality, in other words a delusion, to the point of holding a completely  inverted view  !

For anyone now thinking “that doesn’t apply to me” you might want to read on, just out of curiosity, particularly if you have or know any children that you love and care for.  Read on . . . . .

“Public Relations” has been a boom industry in these recent years of austerity, employing over 144,000 people worldwide in a market worth an estimated $31bn in 2014. So what do you think all these folks are up to in return for the big bucks?

hypnotistThey’re doing their very best to induce as many people as possible into highly suggestible trance states and maintain them in these states while they “suggest” what you should buy, what to believe and how to behave. Master hypnotists, Word Wizards, fully integrated, increasingly co-ordinated and operating on a Global Level at the command of Global powers.

(The ‘Public Relations’ industry emerged from the Propaganda skills developed and molded in the First World War in the USA, particularly by Edward Bernays, a nephew of Sigmund Freud. More details can be found here).

The primary duty of the ‘mainstream’ Media (six Global Corporations) is to inform, educate, entertain manipulate and control the perceptions of the viewing public, and for the vast majority of the worlds population, they are very, very effective, but they’re losing their grip, the trance state is beginning to break down and fade.

The Worlds faiths & religions have known and practiced mass hypnosis for centuries and have become expert at it. Its manifestations have been murderously seen in the Middle East for centuries and continue to this day.  Populations hypnotised into believing in a particular god or destiny through the entrancing glow of the screens we have become addicted to.  However, they to are losing their grip.

In the 21st Century hypnotic skills have been enthusiastically embraced and dramatically developed by Global Corporations intent on ever increasing profits and Governments intent on Control.

Psychologist Jerry Kroth, Ph.D., an Associate Professor Emeritus from Santa Clara University in California does an excellent job in explaining how it all works.

In 1983 50 corporations controlled the vast majority of all news media in the USA, by 2004 media ownership was concentrated in six corporations who have aggressively continued to develop their influence, power and control . Their influence on the News, general ‘programming’ and Movie production has been dominant.  Click on the following info graphic  and view in full screen as it clearly illustrates the point.

media_2As a consequence of this huge effort in the manipulation of public perceptions, you are generally no longer receiving news and reporting of unbiased information, you are receiving propaganda in line with a Global Corporate agenda to change and direct hearts and minds through a media induced trance state.

The intention, as it has always been, is to instill underlying levels of fear and anxiety through an array of weapons and threats including Terrorism, Climate Change, Debt, Pedophilia, Poverty & Crime among many other issues. Fear Porn as it is often referred to has become ubiquitous and it must stop as must the policies that fuel it.

(For a deeper insight into how this lamentable and disgraceful policy was conceived, developed and instigated click here.)

– In a typical Hypnotherapy session the trance state can be very easily and quickly ended by a simple count back from 5 to 1 at which point the client is fully awake and fully aware and often in a state of awe at a new perspective gained. Once a person becomes aware they are in a trance it become their choice as to whether to maintain it –

media_3The Mainstream Global Media is being forced into change by the dramatic growth of the Alternative Media coming via the Internet and Social Media platforms. This movement is being led by increasing numbers of tech savvy street reporters inspired by Journalists and researchers in whom they recognise integrity and determination.

A fine example of this spirit is veteran truth seeker, John Pilger, one of the Worlds most respected and celebrated Investigative Journalists. He speaks of his experiences and observations following a lifetime spent investigating and reporting the biggest stories in the World, particularly Wars, and how these stories have been manipulated, and often generated, by the mainstream News and the wider Media.

It’s time to break the trance and move on. Learn how the whole thing began – click here.

"It's not what you think . . . . "