The Stoned Ape

“Half the time when you think your thinking . . . . .
you’re actually
– Terence McKenna

Terrence McKenna – 1946 – 2000

Terrence McKenna was one of the most intriguing personalities of the late twentieth century. A spell binding speaker, noted philosopher, psychonaut, ethno-botanist, lecturer, and author.

He was the leading advocate of the psychedelic movement from the 60’s until his sad and premature death in 2000.

In his book Food of the Gods he laid out his theory in fascinating detail. As an odyssey of mind, body and spirit, Food of the Gods is one of the most fascinating and surprising histories of consciousness ever written.

A daring work of scholarship and exploration, it offers an inspiring vision for individual fulfillment and a humane basis for our interactions with each other and with the natural world.

‘Brilliant, provocative, opinionated, poetic and inspiring. . . . . Essential reading for anyone who ever wondered why people take drugs.’
– Rupert Sheldrake.

graham-hancockOver time his theory found a number of notable supporters, one in particular is Graham Hancock, another imaginative and tenacious researcher and author.

In his remarkable book Supernatural Hancock picks up on elements of McKenna’s theory and expands it in new and exciting ways. He looks at the very beginnings of Human artistic expression in the form of Rock & Cave Art found around the world.

stoned_apeHe shows how less than 50,000 years ago humans had no art, no religion, no sophisticated symbolism, no innovative thinking. Then, in a dramatic change, described by scientists as ‘one of the greatest riddles in human history,’ all the skills & qualities that we value most highly in ourselves suddenly appeared, as though bestowed on us by hidden forces. In exquisite detail Hancock lays out his evidence and develops his particular version of the theory.

The Stoned Ape in all of his artistic glory. In the following video Terrence himself presents a boiled down version of his ideas.

In this following clip from the Joe Rogan Experience, Joe, Graham Hancock and the wonderful Duncan Trussell discuss Terrence’s ideas in a modern day context, well worth a listen. The full version can be found here.

Joe Rogan, Duncan Trussell & Graham Hancock. JRE#142

"It's not what you think . . . . "